In Loving Memory




Happy Birthday To Me
I Am 15!



Hi my name is Seamus.
(pronounced 'shay-mus')
I am an 15 year old miniature smooth haired Dachshund.
I was adopted by my owners in November of 1996,
I was about 8 months old at the time.

I am glad you stopped by.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

About Me

BIRTHDAY: March 17, 1996
(This is the day my owners picked since I did not have any papers when I was adopted)
WEIGHT:23 lbs
(I guess I am really a "Tweenie")
I heard my owners talking about some things called diets and excercise, what is that?
LENGTH:31 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail,
22 inches without tail
HEIGHT:13 inches from floor to top of head in normal standing position, 8 inches from floor to top of shoulders

Where I Came From

I was rescued from a shelter
when my number was up
by the wonderful people at:




They are located at:

c/o Jody Caizza
3 Hyacinth Court
Cream Ridge, New Jersey 08514

Phone: 609-758-7554

My Special Thanks to Jody,
Ruth & the Rescue Gang
They took such good care of me
and found me a Great new home

Where I Live Now

My home is located in northeast Monmouth county New Jersey. I live in a 3 bedroom ranch with a large back yard and a smaller front yard. They are both fenced in so I can go out and play by myself as long as I want when my owners are home. I just have to ring a bell by the back door to go out, but there is no bell by the front door yet. For now I have to sit and stare at it and whine until they open it, but we are working on it. I like the large backyard, I have a lot of fun running around in it, but when the weather is really nice I like hanging out in the front more. I can watch all the activity on the block, I am really nosy.

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There has been a
"Special Project"
going on out in the yard!


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